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Песня:Run's House
песня Run's House
Альбом:It's Like This - The Best Of
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Run's House (Длительность 03:44)

Текст песни Run-D.M.C. - Run's House
A whole lot of superstars, on this stage her tonight But i want yall to know one thing-this is… My House and when i say who’s house, yall know what time it is. Who’s house? Runs house! ah, once again my firend not a trend for then they said, rap was crap but never had this band till the ruler came with a cooler name make ya dance and prance and draw the fans to stades name is Run my son number one for fun not a gun that’s done and get done by none the others act in fact ya just wack i kill why? because its fun my son and Run heads the bill! Who’s house? Run’s house! (repeat twice) Im in the house yall im in the house yall and this is how Run DMC will turn it out yall im in the house yall im in the house yall and this is what run dmc be about yall will my name is dmc, the all-time great i buts the most rhymes in New York state Reporters Claw Producers die they want to be down with the king! the wanted man from the wanted clan wanted by every fan from across the land

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