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Песня:Live-In Skin
Артист:Foo Fighters
песня Live-In Skin
Альбом:There Is Nothing Left To Lose
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Live-In Skin (Длительность 03:52)

Текст песни Foo Fighters - Live-In Skin
Take your payroll and your lottery There’s a place I know, there’s a robbery And I swear I’ll never tell If you swear you’ll never tell And we’ll all make out so well We will all make out so well Head on with my hate Into the lights ahead I’m amazed that I’m still standing And I demand that we all blend in I’m amounted Just the same old glitter story From the sea floor, metamorphosis And I can’t change back for you I will not change back for you I must live in skin that’s new I’m a livid skin that’s new Turn your insides out to the outside Turn the outside in to the inside Trade your outside in for the inside Turn it around again I’m amounted And I can’t change back for you No, I can’t change back for you I’m amounted

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