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Песня:Is It Live
песня Is It Live
Альбом:Raising Hell
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Is It Live (Длительность 03:06)

Текст песни Run-D.M.C. - Is It Live
The microphone master DMC Causes 1, 2, 3, 4 casualties You’ll be praisin D down on your knees Cos I’m poppin, and droppin, stoppin all MC’s Verse One: Connect, eject, and collect respect Get down to the sound cos I come correct So when I write don’t bite and I might check And if I find your behind I’ll break your neck Mr. World Rhymin' Rapper ready to have fun You’ll reason with the rekkid cos it’s made by Run It’s def, you was left in a total stun So bust a move while I prove who’s number one Got quality and skill both beyond belief Do I steal? Be for real, I’m not a thief Dictator and hater of those that beef That’s right I can fight and I’m the chief Verse Two: People in the place don’t put D down I’m the microphone master the best around There’s not too many of my type And all rap titles I will swipe You’ll see me talkin to a girl A sweet young thing with jheri curls I never ever wore a braid Got the peasiest hair and still get paid Well I’m dropping MC’s with just one punch Cos it’s the baddest of the bunch so call me Capt. Crunch Slayin MC’s, make em walk the plank And what’s next, start the decks while I count I count my bank And I’m the wizard of words, the ruler of rap Not soft, not a sucka, could never be a sap You might get jacked cos you talk crap When I bust my rap they all step back I’m paid on stage, Run’s on my left On his right, on the mic, I recite I’m def Because every performer is only a goner Keep all sissy soft suckas off my corner (Scratch: LL Cool J «Is it live?») Cos Darryl Mac will do things like that… Verse Three: The sophisticated sound, not soft or sour It’s servin you suckas, sellin dreams in the shower It’s rockin this party hour, hour after hour If a girlie tried to diss this (What's up with that?) I won’t allow her Cool chief rapper, I see a girl I tap her Then I take her on the floor, she don’t dance, I slap her The girl starts to cry and the crowd asks me why If Run says «dance» you do or die!

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