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Песня:Lay It Down
песня Lay It Down
Альбом:The Essential Aerosmith
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Lay It Down (Длительность 03:47)

Текст песни Aerosmith - Lay It Down
Ruby red her lips were on fire Do me with a kiss if you please Tell me what’chor sweet heart desires Tell me how you want it to be Cause if it’s love you want then you won’t mind A little tenderness That sometimes is so hard to find (Lay it down) Lay it down Make it alright (Lay it down) Lay it down I’ll hold you so tight (Lay it down) Oh… before the morning light It’s gonna be alright Oh… lay it down Come and lay it down tonight Tell me how you feel when we make love Tell me is it real or just make believe You will never know what’chor made of Until you open up your heart to receive Cause if the love you got’s that same old crime We’re talking tenderness that’s so hard to find And I’m getting behind you Do you remember them times talking in your sleep With a pocket full’a rubbers you never could keep From your best friends lover you dreamt about then When you pulling up the covers the voices in your head Say if you want it bad Don’t ever let it slip away Cause if it’s love you want and tenderness… yeah Oh… lay it down Gonna lay it down tonight Gonna come around tonight You got to lay it down

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