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Песня:If Walls Could Talk
Артист:Céline Dion
песня If Walls Could Talk
Альбом:All The Way... A Decade Of Song
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If Walls Could Talk (Длительность 05:18)

Текст песни Céline Dion - If Walls Could Talk
These walls keep a secret That only we know But how long can they keep it Because we’re two lovers, we lose control We’re two shadows Chasing rainbows Behind closed windows Behind closed doors If walls could talk Ooh… they would say I want you more They would say Hey… Never felt like this before And that you will always be the one for me Two people making memories Just too good to tell And these arms are never empty When we’re lying where we fell We’re painting pictures Making magic Taking chances Making love If walls had eyes My… they would see the love inside They would see Me… in your arms in ecstasy And with every move they’d know I love you so When I’m feeling weak You give me wings When the fire has no heat You light it up again When I hear no violins You play my every string Stop the press Hold the news The secret’s safe between me and you Walls, Can you keep a secret I love you so Ooh I love you so baby Ooh baby Love you, love you, love you, love you so honey Love you, love you, love you so In your arms in ecstasy If they could see you and me baby Just you and me baby Ooh Ooh baby

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