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Песня:Deer Dance
Артист:System of A Down
песня Deer Dance
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Deer Dance (Длительность 02:54)

Текст песни System of A Down - Deer Dance
Circumventing circuses Lamenting in process To visible police Presence sponsored fear Battalions of riot police With rubber bullet Kisses Baton courtesy Service with a smile Beyond the Staples Center You can see America With its tired poor Avenging disgrace Peaceful loving youth Against the brutality Of plastic existence Pushing little children With their fully automatics They like to push the weak around A rush of words Pleading to disperse Upon your naked walls, alive A political call The fall guy accord We can’t afford to be Neutral on a moving train A deer dance, invitation to peace War staring you in the face, Dressed in black With a helmet, Fierce Trained and appropriate For the malcontents For the disproportioned malcontents. The little boy smiled, It’ll all be well

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