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Артист:Pearl Jam
песня Undone
Альбом:Lost Dogs
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Undone (Длительность 03:08)

Текст песни Pearl Jam - Undone
Last stop on the westcoast line. South of the northern border. One small corner home tonight. Everybody they know me there. Don’t get any second glances. Chances are that they don’t care. The world has come undone. Like to change it everyday. Change don’t come at once. There’s a wave, building before it breaks. Can’t wait for election day. Witness the occupation. Corporations rule the day. Well you know the pendulum throws. Farther out to the one side swinging. Has to sweep back the other way. The world has come undone. Another day and who can wait. Change don’t come at once. It’s a wave, building before it breaks. All this hope and nowhere to go. This is how I used to feel but no more. The world has come undone. Like a game if you can play. Change don’t come from one. It’s a wave, building before it breaks.

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