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Артист:Pearl Jam
песня Sad
Альбом:Lost Dogs
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Sad (Длительность 03:38)

Текст песни Pearl Jam - Sad
All the photographs were peeling And colors turned to gray He stayed in his room with memories for days He faced an undertow of futures laid to waste Embraced by the loss of what he could not replace There is no reason that she passed And there is no god with a plan It’s sad… and his loneliness is proof It’s sad… he could only love you It’s sad The door swings to a passing fable A fate we may delay We say, holding on delivered in our own brace He let em as he laid in bed Hoping that dreams would bring her back Holding his last breath Believing he’ll make his way But she’s not forgotten He’s haunted, he’s searching for escape If just one wish could bring her back

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