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Песня:Keith B-Real III (Interlude)
Артист:Will Smith
песня Keith B-Real III (Interlude)
Альбом:Big Willie Style
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Keith B-Real III (Interlude) (Длительность 01:54)

Текст песни Will Smith - Keith B-Real III (Interlude)
Excuse me, I know him, I know him, excuse me, Will Charlie, get this boy up out of here I know, I know, I know, hold up Just give me one second, man Keith, what man When I look back at this I realize I came at you sideways and I apologize You damn right you came at me sideways Right, right I’m having a party, man, my album release Nice party, listen I like the ice the slaves You disrespecting my whole thing I didn’t mean to, man, its just I have one thing I wanna ask you before I get out of here What is it, Keith? I’m doing something man that’s taking me to the next The next century it’s a barbershop, okay, slash studio Feel it, yeah See now what it is, wait, wait, hold yourself What it is while youre getting your hair cut Youre getting your demo cut while They pushing up the faders, youre getting a fade Yeah, that’s hot, you feel it, you feeling it That’s hot, that’s hot All I need is the up front money to get the clippers and the oil Cause Rudy and my other boy he got the reels And everything we going into dat, everything dat You know what I can feel, that I can feel that idea, Keith, right Will give you money on the back end and I’ll cut you in On the motivational tapes and everything You’ll have your whole syndicate You know what, that’s hot I can feel that, listen You know what, write your number down Write it down for me Right, let me write it Let me write, you know what, about the number, man The phones off right now Somebody cloned my home number, man, yeah And the bill done voluptuated so that won’t be on Until the latter part of the year but you know I’m a give you the future number What they called and said is gonna be The future number its clone free I’m a call you, I’m a call you, Keith Hey, you keep it real, that’s my line Yeah, okay, you be cool, man Charlie, take it easy, man This is Keith B Real signing off And that boy Will Smith Big Willie Style, baby Yeah Big Willie, I feel you

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