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Песня:Bring Em Back Alive
песня Bring Em Back Alive
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Bring Em Back Alive (Длительность 05:28)

Текст песни Audioslave - Bring Em Back Alive
I was on my way to the center of the sun when i lost my wings and i fell into the crowd and they carried me to a hole in the ground and they burried me where no one can see and no one would be around i am a virus i live in silence I was on my way to a city in the clouds when i lost my mind and i had to settle down then i had a dream of an island in the sea where the lepers die where no one survives where no one can hear there cries i am a virus i live in silence just like heathens thinking on our feat believe in god we’re one step two step three steps towards the graveyards hello to the memory it seems that we forgot i am a virus i live in silence i live in silence si… el…ence…

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