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Песня:Mysteries and Mayhem
песня Mysteries and Mayhem
Альбом:The Essential Kansas
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Mysteries and Mayhem (Длительность 04:12)

Текст песни Kansas - Mysteries and Mayhem
Well I’m trying to tell you about a thing I thought I saw It came to me in a dream one night When a voice began to call I heard my name being summoned as I looked around to see A hooded judge and jury There was no mercy there for me Well I can’t make it, I just can’t figure it out This dream is drivin' me crazy I gotta know what it’s all about The mark is upon me, and the mark of Cain brings fear A cold wind’s blowin' right down my back I’m runnin, I’m runnin' from a figure that’s dressed in black I think my legs are made out of lead Cause I’m runnin' but I’m going nowhere The bad dream is coming closer and closer I got a feelin' he’ll always be there Forever is a long time to spend in agony And the demons of confusion have got a place for me The mark is upon me, and the mark of Cain brings fear I was tired, so tired of runnin' I had to turn and look around I saw eyes that looked right through me And a voice that made no sound My body froze and I stood and stared, unearthly face before me From the depths of a hooded nightmare, I saw what could not be Mysteries and mayhem from the pinnacle I see There’s no answer when there’s no question The mark of Cain bears hard on me

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