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Песня:Child of Innocence
песня Child of Innocence
Альбом:The Essential Kansas
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Child of Innocence (Длительность 04:31)

Текст песни Kansas - Child of Innocence
Sweet child of innocence Living in the present tense Father Time will take his toll Rack your body and steal your soul What became of all the years Are you drowning in your tears Who will catch you when you fall Who will hear you when you call Chorus- I will comfort you, take your hand and see you through I will take you through the door Who do you think you are Try to live forever and you won’t get far I wait behind your door Makes no difference if you’re rich or poor Though you’re weary and afraid Still you try to flee my blade Come and walk in my new land If you’ll only take my hand In the image of those who have walked before me here I am cast in the web of an ancient spell I am holding on to life, I’m drifting in the stream Everything’s much clearer now We live within a dream and never wake Judge not by what you see More than you can count are here with me Give up your foolish pride All that walk the earth have died!

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