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Песня:Hold On
песня Hold On
Альбом:The Best Of Kansas
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Hold On (Длительность 03:51)

Текст песни Kansas - Hold On
Look in the mirror and tell me Just what you see What have the years of your life Taught you to be? Innocence dying in so many ways Things that you dream of are lost Lost in the haze Hold on, baby hold on Cause it’s closer than you think And you’re standing on the brink Hold on, baby hold on Cause there’s something on the way Your tomorrow’s not the same as today Don’t you recall what you felt When you weren’t alone? Someone who stood by your side; A face you have known Where do you run when it’s too much to bear? Who do you turn to in need When nobody’s there? Outside your door, he is waiting; Waiting for you Sooner or later you know He’s got to get through No hesitation and no holding back Let it all go and you’ll know You’re on the right track

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