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Песня:Everybody Has a Dream
Артист:Billy Joel
песня Everybody Has a Dream
Альбом:The Stranger
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Everybody Has a Dream (Длительность 06:36)

Текст песни Billy Joel - Everybody Has a Dream
While in these days of quiet desperation As I wander through the world in which I live I search everywhere for some new inspiration But it’s more than cold reality can give If I need a cause for celebration Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind I rely on my imagination And I dream of an imaginary time I know that everybody has a dream Everybody has a dream And this is my dream, my own Just to be at home And to be all alone… with you If I believe in all the words I’m saying And if a word from you can bring a better day Then all I have are these games that I’ve been playing To keep my hope from crumbling away So let me lie and let me go on sleeping and I will lose myself in palaces of sand and all the fantasies that I have been keeping Will make the empty hours easier to stand Eric Wincentsen 267@ef.gc.maricopa.edu Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona Give me ten wheels for Jesus! -Elvis Hitler

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