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Песня:The Devil Game
песня The Devil Game
Альбом:The Best Of Kansas
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The Devil Game (Длительность 05:03)

Текст песни Kansas - The Devil Game
I’ve got books that say the good man’s golden And more that say the bad will fall So many men have drowned in evil, and left Lucifer standing tall Don’t take the devil’s dare, don’t gamble when the game ain’t fair Lock and bolt the doors, can’t let the devil use you anymore You got to listen all you mugs and reivers, if you do any wrong You make it right You can’t be a make-believer, 'cause soon you’re gonna pay the price Lying, hate and pain, all part of the devil game Got his foot inside the door, but you can’t let him use you anymore Take, he will take, he will take, give him nothing he’ll take, he will take He will take, he will give nothing but he’ll take Pray, for devils have no reason, Satan waits to curse your ways Have you seen it in his eyes in the sunset Have you wondered if he’s laughing when you play Has he asked if you’re alone if what he sees is all you own Has he offered you happiness, money, or much better lays Satan leave me, leave me lonely, leave us alone I’ve got books that say the good man’s golden And more that say the bad will fall Take a look at what the future’s holdin' Won’t be yours if you don’t heed this call Life is a game, and the stakes will remain the same Now you’ve gotta choose, is the devil gonna win or lose again

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