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Песня:What's on My Mind
песня What's on My Mind
Альбом:The Essential Kansas
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What's on My Mind (Длительность 03:28)

Текст песни Kansas - What's on My Mind
Well you told me that I was just not the one, And you left me standing out in the cold It’s been a long time and I’m so much better now, That I’m looking back and seeing it all And for the first time there’s no pain in my life Though it’s a long hard road that I’ve gone We had a good thing and it made me a man and I know CHORUS You got me goin', pardon me my feelings are showing I’m only saying what’s on my mind Well I found you or maybe I found myself And I think we knew it all of the time We fit together just like a lock and a key And we opened up each other’s minds Yeah, I was laughing 'cause there was no room to cry There was too much growing to do We had a good time and it ain’t over yet 'cause I know CHORUS You came from nowhere and you just jumped in my life And I know it never will be the same You made me love you Now I’m home once again No, I never want to leave you no more 'Cause I’m attached to the better half of myself And there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be You filled an empty, you fixed a bad broken heart, yes I know CHORUS

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