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Песня:Don't Say Nothin'
Артист:Will Smith
песня Don't Say Nothin'
Альбом:Big Willie Style
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Don't Say Nothin' (Длительность 04:22)

Текст песни Will Smith - Don't Say Nothin'
Artist: Will Smith Album: Big Willie Style Song: Don’t Say Nothin' Yo When I released my first single back in like '86 People was like oh you know «that's popcorn» and you know «they weak» You know then I mess around I go world trade on them Bangin' out them multi-plats they still got negativity to bring My thing is you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing Take your place allow me to flex a taste As my accomplishments bring up my comp like mase Face me the star of stage and TV My face be seen in almost every country Grammy winner soon to be oscar nominee Who he? «that's dressed jiggy, straight from west Philly» Thought I was whack cause I wanted to act Now every brother and his mother that rap be trying to do that The ill kid Hundred million dollar bill kid The one you love to chill with come on keep it real kid Don’t try to act like this summer at the greek You won’t be bumpin' the big Willie in your jeep I know y’all still feel me Really don’t act silly Thought I feel off just becuase I left Philly Took a break from the rap thing went on hiatus I picked up the art of acting and multiplied papers I chilled on silk sofas chatting with Oprah She asked me if it’s true that me and Jeff broke up While y’all kids busy playing drug pimp and playa I was at my crib in Barbados chillin' with Jada Vertex is me the magnanamous Got you sayin' «damn I’ve always been a fan of his…» Y’all know how it is, oh wait, hold up y’all don’t Look here y’all don’t say nothing than I won’t Just don’t say nothing Man I love being me ready to rock the block With some more hot top notch ---- for you to cop No more mr. nice guy My whole life I’ve been smiling when I felt like whiling Jealousy swinging on me made his attack (he soft he whack man that ain’t real rap) You beleive that It hurt me at first but it’s cool Took the insults feed it to my ego used it for fuel Now everywhere I turn a dead end Hundred women coming at me waving pads and pens And they be screaming out (oh my lord) Did you see it’s that brother from (ID4) Now can I please get (a picture and your signature) Sure you can miss (oh my god my girlfriends they ain’t gonna beleive this) Worldwide wait nah hold up galactic Hear my name don’t nothing change but the accent Bangok to Madagascar they wanna see me Prince epe in Spain Japan I’m cota eshe I like my steaks thick and my jets private And my son to ride in the cockpit I know he’s only four taking lessons from the pilot While I’m on my cell with my broker getting stock tips Find a magazine and I read the hottest gossip Man who’d a thought my life would be such an interesting topic Well y’all know how it is wait hold up y’all don’t Well look here y’all don’t say nothing than I won’t Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing Go ahead adjust the balance and the bass in your speakers Make sure my voice sounding crisp in your tweeters I’m about to show you how a man like me works Shorty get ice five carrots and nothing cheaper Four five chromed out former two seater Fifty inch Sony to watch Siskel and Ebert Cause I’m about to get two thumbs ten toes one knee and probably a couple Of elbows Cause yo I’m the man and the whole world knows Rock film festivals and rap shows All the critics jealous people and back-stabbers My so-called friends who been nothing but actors You’re way of character but now who’s the bomb It’s Will from west Phil just slightly transformed Y’all know what it is Ah damn that’s right y’all don’t But look here y’all don’t say nothing then trust me I won’t Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing Just don’t say nothing

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