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Песня:Holy One
Артист:Casting Crowns
песня Holy One
Альбом:Until The Whole World Hears
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Holy One (Длительность 03:16)

Текст песни Casting Crowns - Holy One
God, You are my God Earnestly I seek You, oh my soul I thirst for You My body aches in a dry and weary land I’ve seen You in Your sanctuary I beheld Your power and shouted glory My soul is full, my lips will sing Your praise Lift your voices Let the sound of praise be heard All the ends of Earth Praise the Holy One Sing the glory of His name Every tongue proclaim Praise the Holy One You are my help, I sing In the shadow of Your wings My soul will cling Your right hand holds me up You are my king, You are my God I will sing for Your glory For Your love is better than life

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