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Песня:Sorry Little Sarah
Артист:Blue System
песня Sorry Little Sarah
Альбом:Das Nr. 1 Album
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Sorry Little Sarah (Длительность 03:29)

Текст песни Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah
Oh you're cryin' like a child that lost his toy In the shadows of your love Do you think these tears I cry are tears of joy 'Cause my tears are not enough I wanna kiss you kiss you I wanna miss you miss you I never want to lose your heart You got the best of me Come take the rest of me My love Sorry little Sarah Sarah I'm waitin' for a girl like you Sorry little Sarah Sarah Dreams come true Baby oh I'm waitin' for your call I'm starin' at the wall Sorry little Sarah Oh I lose my self-control Don't you want me 'cause I am the losing guy Oh don't take your love to town Don't you see the rainbows baby in the sky Oh don't let it get you down I wanna kiss you kiss you I'll never hurt you hurt you And it's too late to say goodbye No one can love you more What are you waitin' for My love

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