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Песня:Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
Артист:Bob Dylan
песня Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
Альбом:The Essential
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Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Длительность 03:50)

Текст песни Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
Oh, well, I love ya pretty baby You’re the only love I’ve ever known Just as long as you stay with me The whole world is my throne Beyond here lies nothin Nothin we can call our own Well, I’m moving after midnight Down boulevards of broken cars Don’t know what I’d do without it Without this love that we call ours Beyond here lies nothin Nothin but the moon and stars Down every street there’s a window And every window made of glass We’ll keep on loving, pretty baby For as long as love will last Beyond here lies nothin But the mountains of the past Well, my ship is in the harbor And the sails are spread Listen to me, pretty baby Lay your hand upon my head Beyond here lies nothin Nothin done, and nothin said

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