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Песня:Remember Me With Love
Артист:Gloria Estefan
песня Remember Me With Love
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Remember Me With Love (Длительность 04:33)

Текст песни Gloria Estefan - Remember Me With Love
One day you should go away I know you say you’ll always stay Oh, but life takes funny turns at times And has a way of changing minds No, I could never be your friend (Be your friend) To me the end would be the end But we’ve shared so much happiness Just remember Ohh, baby (Remember) I know you tell me every day You’ll love me till the end of time I tell it to you just in case Someday You are no longer mine Just one thing I’ll ask of you (One thing, baby) 'Cuz both of us have much to lose For all the things We’ve made it through Just remember Please, remember (Baby, c’mon, baby, c’mon, baby, c’mon, oh) Remember me with love, baby (Remember) Remember me with love (Don't you forget to remember) No matter where or when (Where or when) If you think of me again (Remember me with love) Remember me with love Remember me with love, baby (Will you remember me, baby? Remember, will you remember?) Remember me with love (Will you remember me, baby? Will you remember?) I know you care for me (Care for me) But if one day you set me free (Remember me with love) Remember me with love (Do you remember me, baby? Do you remember me?) Seems like everywhere I turn Somebody else is breaking up I know as far as I’m concerned with you I’ll always be in love But if one day you feel differently All you have to do is come to me I will let you go so easily But remember, please Remember (Baby, c’mon, baby, c’mon, baby, c’mon, oh)

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