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Песня:Growing Up In Public
Артист:Lou Reed
песня Growing Up In Public
Альбом:Perfect Day
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Growing Up In Public (Длительность 03:02)

Текст песни Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public
Some people are into the power of power The absolute corrupting power, that makes great men insane While some people find their refreshment in action The manipulation, encroachment and destruction of their inferiors Growing up in public, growing up in public Growing up in public, growing up in public with your pants down Some people are into sadistic pleasures They whet their desires and drool in your ears They’re quasi-effeminate characters in love with oral gratification They edify your integrities, so they can play on your fears They’re gonna do you in public, 'cause you’re growing up in public They’re gonna do it to you in public, 'Cause you’re growing up in public with your pants down Some people think being a man is unmanly Some people think that the whole concept’s a joke But some people think being a man is the whole point And then some people wish they’d never awoke Up from a dream of nightmarish proportions Down to a size neither regal nor calm A Prince Hamlet caught the middle between reason and instinct Caught in the middle with your pants down again Caught in the middle, I’m really caught in the middle I’m caught in the middle, caught in the middle deciding about you

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