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Песня:Fingernail Moon
Артист:Annie Lennox
песня Fingernail Moon
Альбом:Songs of Mass Destruction
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Fingernail Moon (Длительность 05:04)

Текст песни Annie Lennox - Fingernail Moon
Fingernail moon Up in the sky Come out and see me See me sometimes 'cause I’m here alone Stuck in the blue No distance between us Between me and you I’ve got nothing to hide I’ve got nothing to lose You’ll be by my side C’mon tell me the truth Elegant moon You cut like a knife It does me no favours To stay out of my sight Suspended like glass All ancient and new Allof space lies between us Between me and you There’s no need to be shy There’s no need to be scared I need you tonight Come on out if you dare I’m just a girl with my feet on the ground I’m just a girl with my head goin’round I feel so sad There’s something unsettling under my skin I don’t know the reason or where to begin Caught in the circles I’ve found myself in But I want to reach out and touch you My sweet sickle moon Up wi the sky Come out and see me See me sometimes 'cause I’m here alone After all we’ve been throuch With the distance between us Between me and you It dont matter how long Itdon’t matter howear I’ll meet you tonight Under the stars

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