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Песня:Through the Glass Darkly
Артист:Annie Lennox
песня Through the Glass Darkly
Альбом:Songs of Mass Destruction
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Through the Glass Darkly (Длительность 03:29)

Текст песни Annie Lennox - Through the Glass Darkly
I’m caught up in the middle But I’ll take it to the end It’s comin back together And it’s breakin' down again If I could find a reason I’d say you were my friend If I could find a reason I’d say it once again When I’m with you the days are bittersweet Still I can’t remember what it feels to be complete I’ve tried pretending But it drives me of my feet I don’t know what its coming to But I’m looking through The glass darkly… yea Bright lights Come and go Playin' blues songs on my radio Shadows still. appear In the house tonight Ooh yea Ghosts that come in from the past All those ghosts that keep on comin' back Slidin' through the walls And my windows Ooh yea When I’m with you The nights are cold and long Still can’t remember what It feels like to be strong I’ve tried to blend in But it seems I don’t belong I don’t know what it’s comin' to But I’m looking through the glass darkly… yea Can I find you? can I find you? I can’t find you… yea

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