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Песня:Whatever, Whenever
Артист:Groove Armada
песня Whatever, Whenever
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Whatever, Whenever (Длительность 03:48)

Текст песни Groove Armada - Whatever, Whenever
Trip take a look take a lick from a new walk, I’m digitally black that’s fat now feel the function, Rise to the rhyme line you and I waiting to jump, and now we get forced to the forefront. I’m used to the Armada kicking karma to capitals, the small tribes world wide who vibe with the rapping tool, we take it to the clubs rub a dubs on the radio and whack it to the maximum at home on your stereo. My microphone presents a little love in the area, wont ya, turn up the temperature and move with the messenger, its easy on the ride this is harmony made, we can rewind come again with the blend and sway. Whatever whenever however ya like This is rude this is good this is nice and tight, alright Now step into the musical miracle miraculously free, feeling physically spiritual. The seven sounds surround the mind in the middle reverberate your state, create the chemical, to contaminate the taste of touch just imagine, the panoramic view and you can make it happen. The beauty of the beat is that its there with you all the time materially struggle but were rich with the rhyme the frequency I’m feeling gets me up in another way, this melody I’m hearing I can listen to anyway. My music is a meditation new technique, no need to speak just let the rhythm reach and reach. There’s nothing more sometimes to do that than keep continuously true and do the best for you. Whatever whenever however you like This is good this is cool this is nice and tight, I mean like it when the vibes make my stress feel free, and keeps me calm in a me head just like a sanctuary. Hey! Whatever the pressure, permeate the place, I’m operation on the bass and navigating the chase to embrace, I’m merging with the sounds intent, communicating on a level the moment invents intense. I’m defiantly easy and smooth you and that SoundBoy groove me and my MC move in tune in time intoxication the swing we take it proper to the top with this feeling we bring.

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