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Песня:Are You Experienced?
Артист:Patti Smith
песня Are You Experienced?
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Are You Experienced? (Длительность 04:46)

Текст песни Patti Smith - Are You Experienced?
If you can just get your mind together Uh-then come on across to me Well hold hands and then well watch the sunrise From the bottom of the sea But first, are you experienced? Uh-have you ever been experienced-uh? Well, I have (well) I know, I know, youll probably scream and cry That your little world wont let you go But who in your measly little world, (-uh) Are you tryin to prove to that youre Made out of gold and-uh, cant be sold So-uh, are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? (-uh) Well, I have Uh, let me prove it to you, yeah Trumpets and violins I can-uh, hear in the distance I think theyre callin our name Maybe now you cant hear them, But you will, ha-ha, if you just Take hold of my hand Ohhh, but are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful

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