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Песня:Training Medley
Артист:Tenacious D
песня Training Medley
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Training Medley (Длительность 01:09)

Текст песни Tenacious D - Training Medley
It could’ve been disaster til the pupil found his master! Something rhymes with master! He’s teaching him in the ways of rock! His fingers move with blinding speed! Within my mind he’ll plant the seed! I’m proud to be amongst his learned flock! He teaches me! Besieges me! And when I’ve learned all of his lessons then I’ll know the ancient secrets of his ROCK! The Kyle Gass Project is out of control, alright! He turned me to a diamond from a piece of coal yeah ya yah! He teaches me the secrets of the pumpkin patch! He teaches me he teaches do you like it like that alright! Ohyeah! Do you like it like that?! Do you like it like that?!

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