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Песня:This Is Fine
Артист:Barry Manilow
песня This Is Fine
Альбом:This One's For You
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This Is Fine (Длительность 03:12)

Текст песни Barry Manilow - This Is Fine
This is fine, this is more than fine Now, we’ve got the space and we’ve got the time This is our home, yours and mine And they’ve left us alone, this is fine Of the pride, all the noise and fame Doesn’t count for much 'cos it’s all a game What’s real is home, what’s real is yours and mine Can’t believe we’re alone, this is fine I never loved like this before I never felt so unafraid Every thing I have is yours Close the door, pull the shade, we’ll make love All that love can be And you rest awhile, while I make some tea This is our home, so glad it’s yours and mine We’re all alone, all this is fine

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