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Песня:So Lonely
песня So Lonely
Альбом:My Songs
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So Lonely (Длительность 04:09)

Текст песни Sting - So Lonely
STING Miscellaneous So Lonely Album: The Very Best Of Sting And The Police (2002) Well someone told me yesterday That when you throw your love away You act as if you just don’t care You look as if you’re going somewhere But I just can’t convince myself I couldn’t live with no one else And I can only play that part And sit and nurse my broken heart So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely Now no one’s knocked upon my door For a thousand years or more All made up and nowhere to go Welcome to this one man show Just take a seat they’re always free No surprise no mystery In this theatre that I call my soul I always play the starring role So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely

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